Staff's favorite places to GIVEBIG

by Badgley Phelps | May 09, 2018

Today is GIVEBIG 2018, the one-day online campaign presented by Seattle Foundation to raise funds for local nonprofits. Giving back is a priority for us as a firm and as individuals. With that in mind, and in honor of GIVEBIG, we asked staff about their favorite ways to give back in the community. Here's where they volunteer their time and give their money.

"I give to Dale Turner Family YMCA which offers community outreach to the greater Shoreline area. It provides the continuation of the free lunch program during the summer for school children, a program to support children and their families who've dealt with trauma and offers housing and transition planning for those leaving foster care or experiencing homelessness." - Mike Gerke

“I support Seattle University. I like to give back to help enrich the lives and futures of the students, with hopes that they will become the leaders of tomorrow that will make a difference in the world.” - Eileen Olson

"I'm trying to teach my sons to 'give back' to the things that they enjoy, so we support the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance which helps ensure Washington trails are open and ridable for bikers. Aside from the time last summer when someone stepped on a bees' nest and everyone except two in our group of 15 got stung, it's an incredibly valuable and rewarding experience for our family." - Cal Spranger

"I'm a longtime trustee and past president of the Seattle Opera. I also give to the OceanGate Foundation, which supports my passion for maritime archaeology in the Eastern Mediterranean. For the past 6 years, these gifts have funded equipment purchases as well as my participation in the excavation of a number of new discoveries in the coastal waters of northern Israel." - Steve Phelps

"I give to the American Cancer Society, which has been a great resource and support during my wife's ongoing cancer treatments; Living Water, a global water infrastructure ministry of our church parish that partners with non-profit organizations such as Seattle based Water 1st International, and Volunteers of America Western Washington, with a mission to serve people and communities in need and create opportunities for people to experience the joy of serving others." - Mike Schultz

"I volunteer for Young Women Empowered because I believe youth are our future and I believe providing women and young women the tools and experiences to find their voice and give the space for them to speak is powerful and changes communities." - Megan Hitt

"I support Montessori Country School. I am passionate about education and enjoy helping others expand their horizons. For the past four years I have served on the board of the school and am currently the board president. This is an exciting time as we completed construction of a new campus earlier this year. I look forward to the challenges and opportunities in the years to come." - Tim Thomas

"I give to The Museum of Flight because of its great aviation artifacts-but more importantly because of how it uses the allure of aviation and space to attract kids to STEM education programs and curriculum." - Kevin Callaghan

"Susan G. Komen, Childhaven and Global Partnerships are organizations I support annually. Each of these charities find ways to partner with the people they are helping and create long-term strategies for success. Having had several friends and family members battle cancer, I have seen how Susan G. Komen has lightened the load of women battling for health and life. Childhaven does remarkable work to restore families and create a safety net for children at risk. Lastly, Global Partnerships offers economic and educational opportunities to our neighbors in third-world countries. I am especially excited about the programs that are available for women in these countries. I feel that it's imperative that we each do what we can to help and find solutions to lighten the burdens of our neighbors." - Lisa Price



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