Say hello to Kelsey Lichttenegger, Director of Client Service

by Badgley Phelps | Aug 01, 2022

When it comes to client service, we couldn’t be happier welcoming Kelsey Lichttenegger to the Badgley Phelps team. With years of client service experience in the financial sector, Kelsey works to provide “the absolute best service to our clients, in the most efficient way for our team.” Learn about what drew Kelsey to Badgley Phelps, her hands-on approach to client service, and what keeps her busy when she’s not at work. 


When asked what drew Kelsey to join Badgley, hands down Kelsey said it was the people. Her experience thus far has proven she made the right decision. “Everyone has gone above and beyond to be welcoming. I’m looking forward to partnering with colleagues across the firm on future projects.”

You could probably say that Kelsey’s first job bussing tables at a restaurant in high school was her first introduction into client service—and working with cross-functional teams. “It was a lot of hard work, but I got to work with some really great people and had a fun time.” Passionate about financial services, but not interested in becoming a planner or advisor, she discovered client service is her strength.

Hands-on approach

Kelsey takes a hands-on approach working with the client service team to ensure clients receive the highest level of service, and that the team is meeting client needs in a timely manner. Motivated by problem solving and optimization, Kelsey likes to carefully review and analyze scenarios and processes to provide “the absolute best service to our clients.”

Productivity advice

When it comes to productivity, Kelsey recommends a “take five” approach. “That task you've been putting off for the past week, month, etc., just stop, take five minutes (set a timer!) and start. You may surprise yourself with how much you get done and starting is often half the battle!”

A perfect backdrop

Hailing from Ohio originally, Kelsey loves Seattle for its proximity to so many places where she, her husband, and their rescue dog, Bailey, can hike, fish, and camp. When she’s not exploring nature, she can often be found cooking, gardening, doing yoga, and running. And while she has run two marathons, life has gotten pretty busy.


A new job and a newborn

While Kelsey is fairly active, the word has taken on a whole new meaning with her newborn daughter Ziva. “She's a wonderful baby, and we're so lucky and thankful to have her!” beams Kelsey.

As a new mom, we can see why Kelsey’s favorite app (aside from mozzarella sticks), is 1 Second Everyday. “It’s a great way to capture snippets of real life, even when things are mundane. Mine is 95 percent dog or baby photos at this point.”

Though she prefers to start her day with coffee and a relaxing walk around her neighborhood, during the week it's more often a flurry of activity to get everyone out the door. She likes to wind down in the evenings watching The Office, dreaming of visiting Costa Rica, or reading a mystery novel.


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