Wealth and investment services from Badgley Phelps

In today’s dynamic investment landscape, the story begins with risk management—but there is so much more. Today, you have greater access to data, research, and analytics than ever before, but what remains critical to addressing your challenges and goals is how we distill this information into insights and knowledge—and ultimately, action.

Our holistic approach—a 360-degree view of your financial situation—allows us to create tailored wealth and investment management programs that reflect the best thinking of our experienced team. And we collaborate with your trusted partners to ensure a unified pursuit of your goals and objectives.

Financial planning

Planning for the things that matter to you—from retirement to saving for college or a vacation, to planning for your estate—is something you must prioritize to avoid financial regret later.

Our financial planning services leverage the diverse expertise of our team. We carefully craft a roadmap for you, so you always know where you are in relation to your personal milestones and hurdle rates. We bring balance to your life by bridging the distance between your financial situation today and tomorrow—including thinking about what your financial legacy will look like.

Our services include:

Investment strategies 

We’re proud to take a unique approach to investment management, and we’re different in two primary ways.

First, we have our own research team in house. We have a deep bench of analysts who cover the equity and fixed income markets. This allows us to go to them when there’s a specific market event or issue and understand exactly what’s going on.

Second, we use individual securities rather than pooled vehicles like mutual funds. We believe active investment management, including the use of individual stocks and bonds, allows us to add value for our clients as it affords a better level of flexibility and transparency. We can better customize portfolios and take specific risks when we want to.

Our investment style includes a mix of:

  • Growth stocks
  • Value stocks
  • International stocks
  • Small/midcap stocks
  • Taxable bonds
  • Municipal bonds
  • Short-term bonds
  • Multi-strategy