• Julie Parisio Roy of Badgley Phelps ranked among Barron’s Top 100 Women Financial Advisors of 2022

    by Badgley Phelps | Jul 14, 2022

    Julie Parisio Roy is one of only two Seattle advisors to make the list; also a finalist for RIA Intel Awards “Advisor of the Year”

    We’re thrilled that our own Director of Financial Planning and Wealth Manager Julie Parisio Roy is named among Barron’s Top 100 Women Financial Advisors of 2022. Not only did Julie make the list, but she is one of just two advisors from Seattle to do so. Julie is also a finalist for Institutional Investor’s Inaugural RIA Intel Awards in the “Advisor of the Year” category.

    Ever humble since she first joined Badgley Phelps in 2004, Julie’s philosophy for working with clients is: “Be an expert in what you can and seek smart collaborators for everything else.” That strategy has paid off for this wife and mom of three with notable industry recognition. The Barron’s list in particular is designed “to shine a spotlight on the nation’s best wealth managers and raise the bar for industry standards.”

    And raise the bar Julie does. We spoke with her about her long career in financial services, changes she’s seen in the industry, advice for new advisors, and more.

    You joined Badgley Phelps in 2004. How has your role changed since then?

    “I was lucky to join the firm as an associate working for an amazing wealth manager, Mitzi Carletti. She was, and continues to be, a lightning force in my professional life. She is an excellent model for the essential balance between listening to clients’ needs and developing long-lasting relationships through personalized investment strategy and client education. I don’t think there is a better way to learn in this industry than to work behind the scenes for a successful advisor. You have the privilege of seeing the process and the intersection of professional and personal life.”

    What’s the biggest way the financial services industry has changed since you started out in financial services?

    “The biggest change I have seen in the industry is access to information. The internet has provided an endless resource to investors; however, I feel it generalizes many planning opportunities and can diminish the perceived benefit.  At the same time, I see our value as a wealth confidant and accountability partner has increased. The amount of financial ideas and information can be overwhelming, and more than ever, clients appreciate our personalized advice. They are seeking collaborators and experts to guide them through this dynamic investment and tax landscape.”

    What do you do when you’re not at work?

    In her downtime, Julie says she relaxes with her husband and three kids, cooks up a storm, drives a “Mom Taxi,” and dreams up new places to travel. She also serves as a Troop Leader for Girl Scouts of Western Washington, a mentor for the University of Washington Department of Economics, Founder of Mothers in Finance, and a member of a variety of industry organizations as well as the University of Washington Department of Economics Visiting Committee. Finally, somehow, she manages to watch so much TV she could medal in it if it were an Olympic sport.

    When asked how she juggles all of this and managing 178 Client Households at work, she laughs. “Let’s be real,” says Julie, “It can be really messy at times. But I have plenty of support professionally and personally. Every situation can benefit from the influence of people who support and ground you. I love the intersection between the people who have known me forever and those newer relationships that seem to go deep quickly. There is absolutely nothing more valuable than authentic friendships.”

    Beyond that, Julie says she uses Shared Notes on her phone for everything and everyone, as well as grocery delivery service Instacart to simplify where she can.

    “Sometimes it’s very hard, but I try to remind myself in the moment that any roadblock can be short-term. I just have to find the detour.”

    What advice would you give to advisors just starting out today?

    Julie’s biggest advice to new advisors is to seize opportunities when they arise. “Don’t be afraid to do the grunt work. Dig in wherever you can. There is something to learn in every opportunity.”

    What’s been your biggest professional win?

    Julie’s clients might be surprised to learn that she did not immediately pass the CFA exams. “I was early in my career and failing the exam was embarrassing. I was devastated. When I finally passed the Level 3 exam, I was overwhelmed with equal parts joy and relief. I was able to enjoy Memorial Day weekends again.”

    What’s hands down the best part of your job?

    “The client connections. The conversations and connections we have with clients are sacred. We are let into parts of our clients’ lives few are privy to. That can weigh very heavily on our shoulders; however, ultimately, the work we do is extremely gratifying, and I am lucky to do what I do with the best team…and truly the best clients.”

    If you’re interested in getting in touch with Julie or any of our other team members, contact us.


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