Meet our team: Q&A with Mike Schultz

by Badgley Phelps | Oct 17, 2018

We’re fortunate that many of our staff members have been with the firm for more than a decade. This month, meet one of them, Wealth Manager, Research Analyst and Financial Planner Mike Schultz, who will celebrate his 15th anniversary at Badgley Phelps this winter.

Q: Briefly describe your job.
A: My wealth manager job covers a wide range of responsibilities including equity research, financial planning services and client investments. I am also a member of our firm’s Investment Policy Team with responsibilities for setting investment strategy and asset allocation targets. Within research, I team-manage our clients’ value stocks, small- and mid-cap stocks, international equity, and multi-strategy investments. My financial planning services are varied and tailored to create strategies that integrate a client’s investment comfort, needs and aspirations.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about your position and/or about working at Badgley Phelps?
A: While I enjoy the variety of my responsibilities, the opportunity to work directly with clients is most satisfying. People often have different goals and objectives, especially for their retirement plans. Helping clients position their finances to fully enjoy their passions is quite rewarding and perhaps the most important service we can provide.

Q: What’s the last book you read?
A: James A. Garfield by Ira Rutkow and Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. Other books I’ve enjoyed this summer include The Second Machine Age by Erik Brynjolfsson and The Wright Brothers by David McCullough.

Q: What motivates you?
A: Helping people succeed and reach their goals, both within my career and in community service opportunities.

Q: What’s your favorite cause?
A: Currently the Volunteers of America Western Washington, a nonprofit organization supporting local communities by connecting volunteers with individuals seeking guidance to overcome a personal challenge.

Q: What’s been your best moment so far this year?
A: Our son and daughter-in-law’s wedding at Nikiski, Alaska, which is on the Kenai Peninsula. The photo with this blog was taken during a hike on the peninsula.

Q: What, in your opinion, is the greatest game in history?
A: The U.S. Olympic men’s hockey team’s defeat of the defending champs, the Soviet Union, by 4-3 on Feb. 22, 1980. What a game! A few weeks earlier, the U.S. lost badly to the Soviets 10-3.

Q: What’s your favorite app?
A: The Photographer’s Ephemeris (TPE) app, which provides time and direction of sunrise/sunset, moonrise/moonset, phase of the moon, percent illumination of the moon, and other info useful for natural light photography in both landscapes and cityscapes. I’ve also used TPE for planning other outdoor activities, like hiking, fishing and cycling.

Q: What’s your favorite time of day?
A: Early mornings on days when I can savor a stack of blueberry pancakes, get outdoors for some photography, or start an alpine hike with family and friends.



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