Invest in stocks the right way

by Badgley Phelps | Jun 12, 2019

One of the best ways to build and preserve wealth is investing in stocks; but, according to Gallup, younger Americans are shying away from the stock market after the 2008 crash. Though the market has rebounded since then, Gallup says, “Overall, an average of 52% of those younger than 35 said they owned stocks in Gallup's annual Economy and Personal Finance Surveys for the seven years (2001-07) leading up to the crash. The average has dropped to 38% for the 11 years that followed (2008-18). Among those 35 and older, the pre-crash average was 66%, and the post-crash average is 61%.”

What do those older than 35 know that the younger Americans don’t? That stocks are worth investing in—with the right approach. Investment management involves a delicate balance between what’s happening in the stock market and your own personal goals. And it’s easier with the help of a trusted adviser.

At Badgley Phelps, we take a unique approach to investment management, and we’re different in two primary ways:

  1. We have our own research team in house.
  2. We use individual securities rather than mutual funds.

Watch our short video above with Director of Research and Wealth Manager Tim Thomas to hear why those two things are critically important.

Looking for an adviser? Contact us to talk about your goals today.


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