Getting to know team member E.J. Sondgroth

by Badgley Phelps | Jan 10, 2022

Wealth Manager E.J. Sondgroth is a newer member of our team, and we’re thrilled to have this family-first vegetable gardener and water lover on board.

Investments that evolve with clients’ needs

E.J. says, “My job is at the intersection of our clients' financial plans and investment assets. I help create and maintain an investment strategy that aligns with their personal goals and circumstances. As our clients go through life events and their priorities change, we want their investments to evolve with them.” He finds the role incredibly rewarding. “One of my favorite things about working at Badgley Phelps is seeing the outcome of our work having a positive effect on the clients we work with. It's also great knowing my co-workers have a wealth of experience and knowledge, and that we work with such great and interesting clients.”      

Family comes first

When asked about his role models, E.J. looks close to home. “My family has provided some great role models for me. Both my grandfathers showed me the importance of family, having a good work ethic, and continuing to learn throughout your life.”   

He stresses the importance of family time with his sons. “I am reading the Harry Potter series along with my oldest son, and I might be enjoying them more than him.” E.J. says that one of his proudest accomplishments is “being a part of a great family. I could not be prouder of my wife and two boys.”

That family-first mentality extends to his four-legged family member, as well. “I have a Lab named Scout that we brought home a little over a year ago. She was from an organization that helps train service dogs that we support. She has been a great addition to the family.”     

Connected through food

E.J.’s love of food is apparent in how he spends his time off work. “When I am not in the office, I enjoy trying new things to eat and cook. I really value a chance to share a meal with my family and friends.”

He and his family turned to gardening during the pandemic. Says E.J., “Last year at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown, we built a vegetable garden in our backyard. It has been a great experience to plant and grow vegetables, and actually have some make it to our dinner table! My two boys have been very enthusiastic about it and have helped with the work. It's been a great learning experience for all of us.”

Learning about food is something E.J. has long done. He says, “At school I studied Agribusiness, so I got to take support courses that most people don't get to take. As someone who grew up in the suburbs, learning about crops, livestock, and food production was very eye opening.”       

Favorite times and places

E.J.’s a big fan of relaxing evenings. “My favorite time of the day is the evening. It's when I get the chance to reflect on the day, unwind by watching a good TV show, or do some reading. Also, I can start planning for what's ahead for me and my work in the coming days.”

He also enjoys visiting the beach. When asked his favorite place, he said, “Anywhere warm and near water. Hawaii is the easy answer because what's not to love about our 50th state? I also really love the Central Coast of California, near the area where I went to college in San Luis Obispo.”     


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