Charting financial futures with Kevin Callaghan

by Badgley Phelps | Mar 10, 2022

Coming up on his 40th year at Badgley Phelps, Kevin Callaghan is a wealth manager who takes a comprehensive financial planning and investment approach to wealth management in a complex global economic environment.

Coaching clients to achieve their goals

Kevin views his job more as a coach than an investment adviser, helping create solutions that have real impact on people and organizations.

When it comes to role models, Kevin looks no further than his Badgley Phelps colleague Julie Parisio Roy, with whom he attributes the firm’s more holistic approach to servicing clients. “Her commitment to really getting to know clients’ needs through extensive financial planning and execution of strategies to achieve their personal goals has been a model that has helped me improve my delivery greatly.”

A love of family and the outdoors

When he isn’t at work, Kevin races sail boats and pilots float planes. He shares his love of the outdoors with his wife Patty of 35 years. Together, they have three kids and spend as much of their free time in the summers in Desolation Sound British Columbia where they go boating and fishing while entertaining family and friends. Kevin is particularly proud of his three new granddaughters, although his grand puppy, Axel is special, too.

Drawn to causes and adventure

For Kevin, he’s especially drawn to causes that support Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education, which help teach kids more than just science and math—hands-on, real-world learning and applications.

Kevin takes opportunities to learn new things himself, too. He’s been studying up on “off grid” power generation and storage—perhaps preparing for the ultimate sailing trip to the South Pacific with Jimmy Buffet’s Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes on repeat. Kevin uses his favorite apps ForeFlight and Google Earth to plan his adventures.

When he’s not out and about, Kevin kicks back and escapes into the world of Mitch Rapp, the New York Times bestselling book series from Vince Flynn and Kyle Mills in which Mitch Rapp “stands up to bad guys and saves the world.”

Committed to the long-term

Kevin treats his business relationships much like his personal relationships—with a focus on the long-term. “Long term relationships will provide you with the greatest business opportunity as well as personal satisfaction. Avoid purely transactional behavior. Remember that if you take care of your clients, they will take care of you.”


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