Welcoming Wealth Manager Andrew Hooley to the firm

by Badgley Phelps | Apr 22, 2022

We’re thrilled to have Wealth Manager Andrew Hooley join the Badgley Phelps family this month. A client-focused professional with a love of the outdoors, Andrew looks forward to helping clients with their unique financial goals. Following is a look at what brought this curious, adaptable golfer to financial services and Badgley Phelps, his approach to the workplace, and how he spends his time off the clock.

Coming to work every day is easy

Andrew’s choice to pursue financial services began in childhood. He says, “I always enjoyed money. From a young age I was prudent with my savings and managed my own money fairly responsibly. Once I learned that I could make a career out of it I think I immediately fell in love with the idea. Being a financial adviser, there’s always an opportunity to learn more—and that’s been the one thing that’s kept me in the industry. The opportunity to learn and pass that knowledge on to the clients that I help every day.”

Little did he know that earning his CFA® charterholder designation would be interrupted by a global pandemic. “There are three levels and I’m most proud of passing the Level 2 exam, which I took during the tumultuous year of 2020. Postponements and ongoing worry of cancellations made for quite the emotional rollercoaster, but fortunately I was able to pass, even with everything going on.”

Originally from Indiana, Andrew started his career in financial services at Charles Schwab and, most recently, was a Financial Advisor at Apella Capital. Ultimately, what drew Andrew to Badgley was the people. “Every time I had a conversation with someone at the firm, I left feeling really good about the company,” he says. “I know I’m surrounded by incredibly smart and passionate people and that makes coming to work every day very easy.”

Always do right by the client

Andrew enjoys taking an educational approach with his clients—he loves asking himself “why?” to gain a deeper understanding of how things work, and enjoys helping clients gain deeper understanding, as well. After all, his clients are his key motivators. “In our industry there are so many individuals that don't always do right by the client, and I want to make sure that with every interaction I have with a client I'm putting them first.”

He particularly enjoys portfolio management and planning, which Andrew says are two things that Badgley Phelps does incredibly well. “I’m a very analytically minded person and love to dig into a portfolio. I immediately fell in love with the idea of working with other like-minded individuals that focus so much on portfolio management. By using this deep analysis to then build the foundation for a financial plan is what wealth management is to me. There’s not a better feeling than presenting a well-rounded financial plan to a client and the satisfaction they get from knowing they’re going to be okay.”

Finding peace and reflection outdoors


Andrew and his wife, Ellen, live in Kirkland with their two rescue dogs, Libby and Berkeley—who walk Andrew every morning at 5:30. “It’s a little early but that walk every day provides me with a great chance to clear my mind and focus on what needs to be done.” He’s also a fan of kayaking. “I've found my favorite place is to be sitting in my kayak on Lake Washington when the lake is as flat as can be. Not a more peaceful place in my mind.”

An avid golfer and lover of the swish sound of an iron through grass, Andrew also enjoys reading. A recent favorite book was The Big Miss by Hank Haney, a recounting of the author’s time as Tiger Woods’ golf coach. Andrew believes there are a lot of lessons in golf that are applicable in real life. He quotes Arnold Palmer in saying, “Success in this game depends less on strength of body than strength of mind and character.”

When they’re not spending time with the dogs, hiking, or on the water, Andrew and Ellen take every chance they can to travel. “I have a lifelong goal of visiting every national park in the US. I’m a little over a quarter of the way there and look for any opportunity to visit a new park.”

Ultimately, though, they find peace at home. Says Andrew, “Mountains and lakes are good for the soul—and there’s not a better place for a soul than the Pacific Northwest.”


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