Getting to know wealth manager and research analyst Johan Strand

by Badgley Phelps | Apr 04, 2024

We’re thrilled to have Johan Strand as a newer member of the Badgley Phelps wealth management and research teams. Here’s what this travel-loving Sweden native has to say about what makes our firm stand out, lessons he’s learned from his father, and how he spends his free time with his family.

The best of both worlds at Badgley Phelps

With more than 15 years of experience managing investments in a variety of asset classes—including public equity, venture capital, and real estate—Johan has worked at both large and small financial services organizations and says there are pros and cons of both. In his opinion, Badgley offers the right mix. According to Johan, “Large firms have great resources but can have stagnant processes and bureaucracy. Small firms tend to have great entrepreneurial energy, but usually lack the means to pursue all opportunities. Badgley Phelps has hit the sweet spot where clients benefit from the best of the two worlds, getting both those great resources and that entrepreneurial spirit.” Johan adds, “This is the environment I love!”

Johan is happy to have the opportunity to help Badgley clients protect their wealth and pursue their best financial lives. “For me, wealth management is about allowing me to worry so you don’t have to.”

Motivation started at home

Johan grew up learning about work ethic from someone he admires immensely: his dad. “There isn’t anyone who works harder than him. He’s now in his mid-sixties and you will still find him pretty much every waking hour doing some sort of project. Renovating the house, repairing a snowmobile, you name it. He taught me early on to always do your best and, equally important, your best is different than anyone else’s.”

Johan’s path to Badgley Phelps

Johan entered the work world when he was barely a teen. “My first job was working for my neighbor who had his own construction company. At the ripe age of 13, I worked a summer scraping rust off and painting containers. I worked summers and other school breaks for him until I went into military service before college.”

After serving in the military and obtaining his bachelor’s and master’s degrees, Johan began his financial services career. Before joining our firm, he worked at Sweden’s largest asset manager. As the portfolio manager of different funds, he made investments in global equities, real estate, and Nordic private companies. Under his management, the global real estate fund had a Morningstar five-star rating and received numerous Lipper awards. Two of the Nordic private company investments went public via IPOs.

An inquisitive nature

Johan’s an avid traveler and reader—and it’s no surprise that as a naturally curious person, his book selections aren’t casual reads. For example, he recently read How the World Really Works: The Science Behind How We Got Here and Where We're Going by Vaclav Smil, which the publisher calls, “An essential analysis of the modern science and technology that makes our twenty-first century lives possible—a scientist's investigation into what science really does, and does not, accomplish.”

Says Johan, “I met Vaclav Smil at a conference in Japan a decade ago. He is a very intelligent individual with strong opinions, which is the best kind. He has research energy for life, and he is extremely focused on facts rather than wishful thinking.”

Johan says he’s also gone “down the rabbit hole of generative AI.” He’s amused by the different responses from the different services, from Meta AI to Google’s Bard to ChatGPT. “It is a fascinating development, and it will bring a lot of efficiencies and a number of displacements as well.”    

Family time

As a Scandinavian, Johan is very excited that Seattle finally has a hockey team. Beyond cheering on the Kraken, Johan enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, traveling, and taking advantage of all the Puget Sound has to offer close to home.


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Originally posted on April 4, 2024


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