Giving a warm welcome to Wealth Manager Tiff Stoner

by Badgley Phelps | May 10, 2022

Our team is growing! This month, we’re thrilled to welcome Wealth Manager Tiff Stoner, an experienced advisor, Ted Lasso fan, and mother of two who says she’s honored to have the opportunity to build deep personal relationships with her clients. “It’s incredibly rewarding to help our clients navigate through life events, and it’s why I continue to do what I do.”

Family influence

Tiff credits her grandfather with piquing her interest in financial services. She says, “Growing up, I spent summertime at my grandparents’ house. My grandfather used to watch the financial news and track individual stock performance. He would talk to me about savings and investing. Unfortunately, he passed away when I was 9, but I remember how much it meant to him. My passion for financial services came from my time with my grandfather.”

Curiosity and intention

As she works with clients to help them determine their goals, develop a plan, and build an investment strategy that aligns with their priorities, Tiff brings “curiosity and intention.” She uses meditation each morning to focus her mind and a gratitude journal to close each day. This focus extends to Tiff’s commitment to helping the clients she serves. “We deal with numbers every day, but ultimately, people’s goals and dreams are the most important. Numbers help us quantify these goals and dreams.”

An accomplishment Tiff is proud of was recently helping a couple retire early to pursue travel and philanthropy. She says, “They talked about how they felt they weren't ready for retirement before our relationship—but after one year of working together, they were able to retire.”

Finding her way to Badgley Phelps

According to Tiff, the people and the firm’s reputation were what attracted her to Badgley. “Everyone is genuinely nice and there to help each other. There is a synergy—you know everyone is working toward the same goals to help our clients. It feels like a family to me.”

Family life


Outside the office, Tiff and her husband are raising two girls and a 7-year-old golden retriever named Izzy. “My biggest accomplishment is being a mother,” she says. “It is the most demanding job I have but also the most rewarding. One of the biggest rewards is to see my girls learning and seeing new things. I try to give them the space to figure things out independently rather than tell them what to do. As a result, I’m learning new things every day!”

An avid traveler with a love of destinations near, like San Juan Island, and far, like Barcelona, Tiff also enjoys wildly cheering on the Seattle Sounders, trying new Seattle restaurants, and listening to the Podcast “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!” Says Tiff, “I love supporting women’s sports and hope to make it to the FIFA Women’s World Cup next year in Australia and New Zealand.”

Tiff doesn’t shy away from trying to conquer her fears. “I’m afraid of heights, but I have gone sky diving and went up to the observation deck of one of the tallest buildings in the world.”

Living with purpose

A role model of Tiff’s is a senior advisor and mother she used to work with. “She is present in everything she does and elevates all those around her,” says Tiff. “I am inspired by her work ethic, love for her family, and passion for philanthropic causes.”

Tiff shares that drive for supporting causes she is passionate about. “I am involved with the ACLU of Washington and believe in fighting for equality and justice,” she says. Tiff is also an enthusiastic supporter of Best Friends Society, a no-kill animal sanctuary for homeless and special needs animals.

Tiff’s curiosity and intention guides her in all she does. “I want to visit as many countries as possible to learn about the world.”


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